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Who we are...

Thank you for visiting our page! 

We are a family of dog lovers. We adopted Sasha a few years ago, and more than a pet, she has been a friend and a companion to us. 

We are not your typical breeders, Sasha is the only dog in the house. She is a much-loved member of our family, and we make her physical and emotional well-being a priority. For this reason, we do not breed her often, and we do our best to make sure her puppies go to a safe and loving home.  

Because we only have one dog, and breed sparingly, we can provide records of vet visits, vaccinations and are able to take special care of each puppy. 

We understand these are difficult times, and we know the amount of emotional support and value a good dog can bring to a family. 

With this in mind, we want to offer our first responders and health care workers a special discount!

Contact us for further details and any questions you have. 

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